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Athletic Brewing Beer on Beach

About Athletic - old

Athletic Brewing is pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer. We promise to use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews for our beer-loving family. We strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, we are here for you.

The seed for Athletic Brewing was planted when I was evaluating my life before I was about to get married. As I looked to continue to improve my life through health and fitness, I found one area incompatible with the rest.  Alcohol-drenched nights and weekends that resulted in unproductive hangovers and unhealthy meals had no place in a demanding financial career that required 24/7 focus. So, I made the choice to cut alcohol out of my life and I have never looked back.

I still enjoyed going to bars and restaurants with friends, attending sporting events, weddings, barbeques and other social events. With limited non-alcoholic options (at best) to fit my new healthy, active lifestyle, I was always at a loss for a refreshing beverage that was easy to order and carried no social stigma. The only options were flavorless, watery, metallic in taste, and came with punchlines of decades-old jokes.

The void in the market was clear. I had attended college in Vermont and great beer was a big part of my life. I started market research that evolved into founding Athletic Brewing to focus solely on making a whole platform of delicious, craft non-alcoholic beers for the modern beer drinker to enjoy with friends and family. This required me leaving a safe, stable job in the financial industry to fully dedicate my time and energy to this true passion.

I teamed up with John Walker, a highly accomplished and awarded craft brewer who was brewing at Second Street Brewery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The intellectual challenge and the possibility of including a large portion of the adult population in the craft community drove John to join the team. We decided on Stratford, CT as home base and proceeded to brew over 100 batches on homebrew equipment to perfect our process. Once satisfied, we built the entire brewery around it.

From the start, we plan to offer more non-alcoholic beer variety than the sector has ever known. We welcome you to come visit us at our brewery and tap room in Stratford, the first of its kind in the country, to meet our team and learn more about our mission. 

We are thrilled to share this journey to find our best selves with every one of you. 


Bill Shufelt
Carrying Athletic Brewing Beer on Beach



Long on optimism and short on brewing experience, Bill quit a stable financial job with the mission of having a positive impact through bringing great-tasting craft beer to everyday occasions. The rare sober brewery founder. You can typically find him at a finish line sharing free beers. A fan of every sport under the sun.



Co-founder of Athletic and a talented head brewer who took the leap from a great brewpub in Santa Fe (where he was highly awarded) to take on the intellectual challenge of solving non-alcoholic beer. John's palette is the basis for all recipe decisions.


Co-Founder & Head Brewer

Jamie is another finance refugee who heads up distributor planning and relationships as well as is a liaison to our territory managers. Jamie also dabbles in a little bit of everything that comes up.  Jamie loves to travel and getting out on the local waters, and usually hits the gym most mornings before work. 



Stephen was an Athletic Brewing fan and consumer before he joined the team to help manage our finances. A former D1 college athlete who is now a coach to his 4 children's teams and a weekend warrior, Stephen brings a personal history in the beer space, and a professional history with category defining consumer brands to Athletic.



Aimed at inspiring others to live without compromise, Adam recently stepped off the corporate ladder to pair his professional drive with his personal values.  A true sober beer enthusiast, Adam now leads Athletic's sales efforts on the West Coast where he spends as much time as possible outdoors.  When he is not slinging Athletic's finest, you'll often find him attempting to outrun or outswim his two Labrador rescues. 


Western Regional Sales Manager




E-Commerce Sales Lead




Packaging Team

Becky has spent her years in CT entrenched in craft beer, from beer bar management to distributor sales. Her reputation in the beer world is as one who admires quality, integrity, and passion. She comes to Athletic truly believing you can balance beer culture with health and wellness, and will most likely tell you about the current astrological transits.


CT Territory Manager

Brandon M.

Packaging Team

Brandon R.

Packaging Team

Brian has worked in various laboratories more than half of his life and is well-versed in microbiology and biochemistry. He joins Athletic after running labs at a few regional craft breweries and teaching brewing science in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. He's a die-hard Bills fan who is looking for some decent wings in Southern California.


West Coast Lab Lead

Brian R.

North NJ & Lower Hudson Valley Territory Manager

Relatively new to the craft beer game, Cara traded fire hoses for brew hoses when she moved to New Jersey two years ago from Oregon after leaving her job with the Forest Service. Now residing in San Diego, when not planning her next camping trip, you can find her scouring thrift stores and estate sales for vintage clothing. Halloween is her favorite day of the year and goses are her beer of choice. 



Texan native who embodies an unmatched passion in the craft beer industry, and a unwavering belief in it's ability to bring people together. A former collegiate baseball player at Wake Forest. When not selling the best N/A beer in the country, you're likely to find him fly-fishing, attempting to revive former athleticism, or contemplating a weekly, new hobby.


National Sales Manager

Craft beer has been Chris's career and passion for many years.  What fuels his passion is the complexity and endless directions, as he continues learning every aspect of brewing operations. Chris lives in San Diego, which he believes at one point brewed the most innovative beers in the country. He enjoys all the outdoors have to offer, from mountains for camping and beaches for long bike rides. His favorite place for a great workout is Torrey Pines for the epic view. 

Chris K.

West Coast Brewery Operations Manager

Chris G.

Brooklyn & Long Island Territory Manager

Colin is a native Texan and excited to come home to lead Athletic's sales efforts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He brings broad business experience from the energy, technology, and consumer products industries. Colin is an avid sports fan (especially college football), craft beer enthusiast, and weekend warrior.


Dallas Territory Manager

Curt is a lifelong Michigander who loves everything the Great Lakes State has to offer (especially the North Country). Craft beer enthusiast that loves to discuss and ponder not only craft but all beverage types. He loves soccer, golf, and anything that keeps him enjoying the great outdoors. A complete extrovert, he enjoys meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. 


Michigan Territory Manager



Daniel L.

E-Commerce Team

Born and raised in MA, with athletics and competition at his core. Dan decided to join a team he's been supporting since inception. (Claims first 100 orders at Athletic). He comes from commercial banking and Saas sales, and road-tripped to AZ for the opportunity to provide our quality beer to an under-served and growing community in Arizona.

Dan W.

Arizona Territory Manager

A dominating 3-sport athlete and an engineer is a rare set of skills - almost as rare as a great-tasting NA beer. David truly lives the Athletic lifestyle - you're as likely to hear about our beer from him as a lacrosse coach as you are at a Wegman's.


National Chain Mgr & Mass Territory Mgr

After 6 years on Wall Street, Derek hopped off the finance train to chase his dream. He’s a craft beer enthusiast, homebrewer, and lives the Athletic mission: inspiring people to be healthy, active, and at their best. Derek manages Athletic’s E-Commerce strategy - innovating ways to get fresh beer to your doorstep within days.


Head of E-Commerce

Dontrel brings years of experience from Starbucks and Teavana to revolutionize the way product leaves Athletic. A Stratford native, efficient systems thinker, and a diehard Pats fan.


West Coast Warehouse and Ecommerce Lead

After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area from South Florida, Eddy constantly brings a creative mindset to the team with a ton of sales experience to back it up.  He comes to Athletic after working for companies such as Red Bull and Anheuser-Busch and is excited to spread the joy of great tasting NA Craft Beer to NorCal.  You can find him hiking local trails, trying new beers at local craft breweries, or sailing on his boat in the bay.


NorCal Territory Manager

Being a Colorado native, Emma has grown up knowing that the outdoors and sunshine are two things that never fail to make her smile. Having gained a background in Fermentation Science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, she realized that combining both her love of craft beer and her passion for health and wellness was something worth exploring. When not at Athletic, you can find her teaching barre or running the trails of sunny Colorado


Colorado Territory Manager


Content Creator

Hailey has been in the Food & Beverage industry for over 10 years and truly appreciates all things "craft". She has helped open many restaurants and, most recently, ran a mobile craft cocktail business in San Francisco, California. She found Athletic Brewing and jumped at the opportunity to move back to her home state of Oregon to bring craft non-alcoholic beer to all her favorite places. On her days off, you can find her SUP boarding around a lake, cooking a feast, or anywhere there is live music and a dance party.


Oregon Territory Manager

Heather is a San Diego native who comes to us with HR experience at two of San Diego’s largest craft breweries. Her hobbies include culinary adventures, puzzling, and visiting our national parks.  As an avid sports fan when she is not at the brewery, you can find her at Petco Park cheering on the Padres. 

Heather H.

Human Resources Director and Culture Coordinator

Heather joined us with a background in Speech-Language Pathology and is now directing her passions for communication and community into the craft beer world. Living in pursuit of fitness, wellness, and adventures, Heather enjoys drinking Athletic the most when pairing with outdoor activities such as paddleboarding, hiking, or catching the sunset during an evening run. When she isn’t working, you can find her traveling to the mountains or a beach.

Heather Z.

Austin Territory Manager

James has been a long time leader on our team. He loves working for Athletic because of all it stands for and because he loves the product. He's funny and outgoing and lives off the principles: live, love, laugh.


E-Commerce Team

After exploring the far reaches of the world and sampling brews along the way Jennie is excited to leverage her years of experience building global craft brewery brands to help take Athletic Brewing international. When not traveling she can be found tossing the ball for her dog, failing at gardening and enjoying a beer on her patio. 


Head of International Business Development

An upstate New York native, Jessica is craft beer obsessed! When not slinging (or selling if slinging isn’t appropriate) beer for ABC, she can be found traveling, visiting local craft breweries and spending times with friends & family. Go Bills! 

Jessica N.

Upstate & Western NY Territory Manager

What started as a personal passion became an exciting profession. Jessica realized she could enjoy truly great beer and fulfill her athletic dreams without an ounce of compromise. With a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science and professional background in public health, Jessica brings both experience and passion for holistic wellness to the ABC team.  When she’s not surfing, backpacking, climbing or cooking up farm fresh meals - she can be found giving her rescue dog Jax way too many treats.

Jessica S.

LA Territory Manager

Jim loves beer almost as much as he loves running. He began as a home brewer and most recently was a brewer at West Kill Brewery in the Catskills. It was there he fell back in love with his first passion, Biology, and developed a passion for recipe development including foraged ingredients. When Jim isn't brewing you can find him on the trails, the nearest track, or back in Albany hanging out with his pups and Spartan girlfriend.




Packaging Lead

Judd's personal passions are food and beverage, cycling, and contemporary architecture. He joined Athletic hoping to put his deep professional experience in construction and facilities management to use at a company aligned with his interests. Outside the office, you can usually find Judd on his bike in the rolling hills of Fairfield County during summer or skiing on the (icy) slopes in VT during winter.


Director of Procurement, Execution, and Facilities Management



Keenan has been a San Diego native and craft beer enthusiast for over half his life. His background is in sales management and distribution, including 5 years in the craft beer industry working for Ballast Point Brewing Company. Keenan has a strong passion for health and fitness which inspired an interest in well crafted NA brews. His favorite pastime is relaxing poolside with family and friends while enjoying a fresh IPA. 


Warehouse Director

Kevin previously worked at a large brewery in the Midwest where he focused his efforts on improving the quality of their non-alcoholic process. Kevin Jumped at the opportunity to join the Athletic team because the non-alcoholic lifestyle aligned perfectly with his passion for running and the outdoors. When he isn't working at the brewery you'll find him training for his next ultra-marathon or hiking the high peaks of New England.


West Coast Brewery Manager

Liana's the first friendly and knowledgeable face you see when you walk in. As soon as we first started talking craft beer (and sports) the first time we met, we knew she would take our tap room to the next level. She has a knack for finding supply of rare beers and knows the beer landscape in CT as well as anyone.


Tap Room Manager

Lorin is a 2019 graduate of Elon University, where he majored in Sport and Event Management with minors in Finance and Business Administration. Lorin previously spent three summers with the Boston Red Sox in Sponsor Services. He is an avid Boston sports fan and supporter of Chelsea Football Club. Being the youngest of six, he’s inspired to take on the Without Compromise challenge by putting his life long snowboarding skills behind him (and comfy boots) and taking on the challenge of Skiing.


MacKenzie grew up in Western Mass and attended UMass Amherst. After college, she moved to NYC and had the pleasure of working at The History Channel and NBC Universal before heading north to Burlington, VT where she worked in marketing for a craft brewery incubator for 6 years. While she misses the Green Mountain State, she is happy to be in CT working with such a wonderful community of people and exploring new hiking trails with her dog, Bodhi. 


Marketing Specialist

A former college athlete who moved into the heart of beer country (Portland), Matt brings extensive beer industry experience and a diverse skill set with him to Athletic. He enjoys all things outdoors and can be found at the lake in the summer or on the ski slopes in the winter.


ME / NH / VT Territory Manager

Originally from The Netherlands, Mark has worked in the craft beer industry for several years. Previously working several breweries both in Europe and The US as well as for a Craft Beer Distributor in South Carolina, Mark decided to move to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to the mountains. As an avid rock climber, hiker, and snowboarder, he spends most of his free time in the mountains, often with a non-alcoholic craft brew! 


Washington Territory Manager

Being a Florida native who discovered a love of mountains through a degree in biology and long-distance bikepacking trips, Mason eventually settled in Denver and brings a passion for the outdoors, adventure, and building community among the Athletic Brewing Ambassadors.


Lead Adventurer


Business Accountant



Megan is a Chicagoland native with a degree in food science and a passion for all things fermentation. Her interests in sustainable and alternative alcohols brought her to Athletic. Outside of the quality control lab she enjoys painting, hiking and trying all the burritos San Diego has to offer. 


Quality Control Laboratory Technician

An avid map-and-compass adventure racer and mountain biker, Mike truly lives life without compromise. Mike is a new father and joins us from our distribution partner Nevulis Beverages in PA. We were psyched to get him to change teams!


PA/NJ Territory Manager


Packaging Team

A jack of all trades, Nick brings a diverse work and life experience to Athletic's unique mission. A beer connoisseur from coast-to-coast, Nick covers New York State from Buffalo to Montauk - he is excited to apply his passion for great beer to the NA craft revolution.


NY Territory Manager

Bay Area native Nick studied brewing science at UC Davis where he developed a passion for the art and science of brewing. Nick was drawn to Athletic's disruption and innovation in the craft beer space. Outside the brewery Nick enjoys hiking, surfing, and podcasting with his brother. 

Nick D.


A veteran of a few highly-loved breweries nationwide, Pete has brought his expertise to getting you plenty of fresh beer, fast. Nicest guy in the business.


Packaging Pro

A veteran on the CT beer scene, Russ brings a degree in microbiology and experience at highly-regarded breweries to Athletic. A total team player who also wields the final say on all matters.


Brewery Manager & Head of Lab

Hailing from California, Ryan came to us with a vast array of experience.  Having earned his stripes from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Ryans' love for non-alcoholic craft beers and mountain bikes made him a great fit here at Athletic. Outside of work, Ryan is in constant pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee and scanning the internet for new music. 

Ryan B.

San Diego Territory Manager

Sarah comes from the quality world of craft beer and beverages, with a considerable amount of experience with beer sensory. Athletic brewing company's brand aligns perfectly with her passion for craft beer and an active lifestyle. In her free time she is an avid runner usually training for half or full marathons, or otherwise running for fun. She also enjoys hiking, yoga, candle making and cooking/baking. Her favorite beers are anything funky and interesting.  


Brewer & Sensory Tech


Packaging Team

Trevor graduated from Northern Vermont University with a Bachelor’s degree in the Music Business Industries. Being mechanically inclined and having been brewing beer since 2014, running a canning line brings both passions together. He loves taking on new challenges and spends most of his free time on his kayak.


Head of Packaging



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